Which San Antonio parks have the most crime?

Published on February 19, 2023

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YOUR DESCRIPTION HAS REACHED THE LIMIT OF CHARACTERS ALLOWED AND WAS CUT. They are some of the most beautiful spots around San Antonio: our public parks. We visit them to exercise, relieve stress and let our children play. But some are feeling less secure at our parks because of high profile crimes in the past year.

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SAN ANTONIO – A young woman murdered on a hiking trail at a Northwest side park. An Afghanistan War veteran shot to death at another park on the Westside. Plus numerous arrests for lewd behavior at other local parks.

News 4 Trouble Shooter Jaie Avila has obtained the crime reports for every city park– and shows you which ones have been the most frequent targets of criminals.

Bianca Tamez spends a lot of time at the park. The single mom takes her daughter to Girl Scout meetings at McAllister Park, and likes to go running at Comanche Lookout Park.

Tamez says she was deeply affected by the murder of Lauren Bump last December.
The young grad student was stabbed to death while running on one of the trails at O.P. Schnabel Park.

‚“I have run a lot less since hearing about the crime since I’m by myself and I am scared, ‚“Tamez says.

Lauren Bump’s murder was one of two homicides at San Antonio Parks in the past year.
In April, Afghanistan War veteran Ronald Casillas was shot to death at Rainbow Hills Park on the Westside.

Through an Open Records Request, the News 4 Trouble Shooters obtained police crime data that shows the park with the most violent crimes over the past two years is the Riverwalk. Yes, it is technically a park, and it had 30 violent crimes ranging from assault to sexual assault.

Next was Woodlawn Park on the Westside, with 15 violent crimes. Followed by three downtown parks: Paseo del Alamo had 13, Travis Park had 13, and HemisFair Park was the scene of 11violent crimes.

Over the past year San Antonio Park Police have tried to reduce violent crime with undercover surveillance, hidden cameras and by clearing some of the brush around running and biking trails making it more difficult for criminals to hide.

We also sorted the police data for parks with the most drug activity. Once again the Riverwalk was at the top with 112 drug related crimes in the past two years. Followed by Travis Park with 70, Main Plaza had 38 drug crimes, then Southside Lions with 29 and HemisFair Park with 26.

Plus we found another common crime that was most prevalent at big wilderness parks on the Northside of San Antonio: car burglary.

‚“The crime element looks at us when we get out of our vehicles, we take off and they know that there’s a period of time and so they’re taking advantage of us and it’s sad,‚ said Lindal Harwick.

Harwick bikes at McAllister Park three or four times a week and says he often sees broken glass in the parking lot from frequent car burglaries. McAllister had the most cars broken into in the past two years, according to police records: a total of 84 burglaries.

Next was O.P. Schnabel Park with 51 car break-ins, and Comanche Lookout Park with 47 auto burglaries.

This past July, Jackie Ebner learned first-hand that when she goes walking at Comanche Lookout Park, she’s got to lookout for her truck.

‚“When I came back to my truck I saw all that was here was a hole instead of the lock,‚ Ebner says, while pointing to the door that burglars tried to break in through.

Finishing out the top five parks for auto burglary are two other Northside favorites: Hardberger Park, with 40 car break-ins, and Stone Oak Park with 35.

Knowing which parks have the worst crime problems can help all of%

What Is Hemisfair Park San Antonio

What Is Hemisfair Park San Antonio, Which San Antonio parks have the most crime?.

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