The Texas Bucket List – Mi Tierra Café Y Panadería in San Antonio

Published on February 4, 2024

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For over 75 years, this iconic restaurant has been serving up Tex-Mex cuisine, and today, serves over 1 million customers each year! How? They NEVER close!
On a typical Saturday at Mi Tierra Café Y Pandaría, 120 gallons of salsa are served, 3000 enchiladas are hand rolled and 22,000 plates are washed.

San Antonio River Walk Restaurants

San Antonio River Walk Restaurants, The Texas Bucket List – Mi Tierra Café Y Panadería in San Antonio.

Best Cities to See in Texas

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The Texas Bucket List – Mi Tierra Café Y Panadería in San Antonio, Watch top high definition online streaming videos relevant with San Antonio River Walk Restaurants.

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