Story of the Goliad Massacre! Remember Goliad, Remember the Alamo!

Published on January 26, 2022

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Many Texans remember the Alamo, but do you “Remember Goliad?” The Goliad Massacre in 1836 played a major role in the Texas Revolution. Shouts of “Remember Goliad” could be heard in the fight for Texas Independence. We visit the Goliad Massacre location and walk you through what happened at Presidio la Bahia on that fateful day in 1836.

Join us for the Texas Revolution Road Trip Episode on PBS as we take an in-depth look at the significant events like this one that led to Texas’s independence from Mexico.

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What Was The Alamo Before It Became A Fort

What Was The Alamo Before It Became A Fort, Story of the Goliad Massacre! Remember Goliad, Remember the Alamo!.

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Story of the Goliad Massacre! Remember Goliad, Remember the Alamo!, Enjoy interesting videos related to What Was The Alamo Before It Became A Fort.

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