Santa Anna's troops attack and take the Alamo, Texas, 1836

Published on April 19, 2022

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Clip from “The Last Command” (1955; 110 min)

“Jim Bowie” sung by Gordon MacRae

“The Last Command” is a 1955 Trucolor Western film about Jim Bowie and the fall of the Alamo during the Texas War of Independence in 1836. Released during the Walt Disney Davy Crockett frenzy, the film follows Jim Bowie (Sterling Hayden), who was initially a friend to Generalissimo Antonio L√≥pez de Santa Anna (J. Carrol Naish) but now sides with the Texans in their bid for independence.
The film was originally set to be produced and directed by John Wayne, but Republic Pictures head Herbert Yates wanted Wayne only to star, not produce or direct as Wayne wanted. Wayne left Republic to form Wayne-Fellows Productions. Five years later he would play Davy Crockett in, as well as direct, the three-hour-plus Todd-AO production The Alamo, released by United Artists, that featured many elements of The Last Command in its screenplay.

Where Is The Alamo Fort Located

Where Is The Alamo Fort Located, Santa Anna's troops attack and take the Alamo, Texas, 1836.

How to Find Fort Wayne Car Rental Companies

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Santa Anna's troops attack and take the Alamo, Texas, 1836, Watch latest videos relevant with Where Is The Alamo Fort Located.

Travel Ideas For Consultants

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