HaLamed Heh: The 35 Soldiers Who Never Returned Home

Published on January 20, 2024

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On this week’s History of Israel Explained, we’re heading back to the months leading up to Israel’s War of Independence and recapping the incredible – and tragic – story of the Convoy of 35, known in Hebrew as HaLamed Heh.

Sent to protect and relieve the besieged inhabitants of Gush Etzion (the Etzion Bloc), 35 brave young men set out on a daring mission in January 1948.

None of them made it back.

The loss of the 35 sent shockwaves through the Jewish community of Palestine. But far from causing them to give up, it strengthened their resolve and today the tale of these brave soldiers has become one of the foundation stones of Israel’s history.

To find out more about the 35, the siege of Gush Etzion and the events that followed, watch this week’s powerful video.

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00:00 Intro
00:24 The actual start of the 1948 Independence War
01:31The siege of Gush Etzion
02:23 The failed Arab assault on Gush Etzion
03:40 35 soldiers bring supplies on foot
04:53 The moral dilemma of Havlaga / Purity of Arms
06:00 The murder of the 35 soldiers
07:12 More attacks on Gush Etzion
08:22 Return to Gush Etzion in the 1967 6-Day War
08:44 The convoy of HaLamed Heh in Israeli collective memory
09:49 Outro

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– Gush Etzion Historical and Victory Museum
– Israel State Archives
– Central Zionist Archives
– Palmach Museum


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How Many Soldiers Were At The Alamo

How Many Soldiers Were At The Alamo, HaLamed Heh: The 35 Soldiers Who Never Returned Home.

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