Found Footage: 1968 HemisFair World's Fair San Antonio, Texas with dogs playing

Published on April 21, 2021

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This is 8mm Kodachrome home movie footage from 1968.  The beginning of the film is of the 1968 Hemisfair in San Antonio, Texas.  It shows the monorail and some of the exhibits at the fair.  However, a majority of the film is dedicated to the couple’s three dogs running and playing in the backyard.  The pups get some love from both wife and husband. 

I am struck by how much these two people traveled, but they obviously loved being home as well.

Hemisfair Park History

Hemisfair Park History, Found Footage: 1968 HemisFair World's Fair San Antonio, Texas with dogs playing.

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Found Footage: 1968 HemisFair World's Fair San Antonio, Texas with dogs playing, Get popular videos related to Hemisfair Park History.

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