American History : What Is the Alamo?

Published on December 25, 2022

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The Alamo began as an old mission of San Franciscan friars, but it is most well-known as the site of the last stand for people fighting for the independence of Texas. Discover why the Alamo is a sort of shrine to Texas heroism with help from an American history teacher in this free video on the Alamo.

Expert: Judy Scott
Bio: Judy Scott is a retired, award-winning American history teacher in Ft. Worth, Texas. She was the AP history teacher at Boswell High School for three decades.
Filmmaker: Kevin Haberer

What Is The History Of The Alamo

What Is The History Of The Alamo, American History : What Is the Alamo?.

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American History : What Is the Alamo?, Play top high definition online streaming videos relevant with What Is The History Of The Alamo.

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In some cases called the “Grand Canyon of Alamo Texas,” Palo Duro Canyon is a “must see” for any visitor to Texas. The canyon is 120 miles long, and in some areas 20 miles wide, and reaches depths of 800 feet. The park uses on-site horse leasings, cabin leasings, tent and RV websites, and lots of routes for hiking and mountain bicycle. The Texas Musical Drama plays inside the canyon. Take pleasure in an incredible meal and show with the beautiful landscapes of the canyon as the background to the phase.

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