Acterys @ San Antonio Museum of Art

Published on April 22, 2024

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Explore the transformative journey of the San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) as they embrace Acterys for enhanced budgeting, projections, and cash flow reporting. As a non-profit heavily reliant on donor contributions, SAMA’s Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Lisa Tapp, shares the critical importance of cost-effective solutions in their operations. Discover how Acterys, seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Office Suite and extending beyond Excel into Power BI, SharePoint, and Teams, offered SAMA an affordable, efficient, and highly effective financial planning tool.

Key Topics Covered:

-Introduction of Lisa Tapp and the financial challenges at SAMA.
-The search for an integrated solution within the Microsoft ecosystem.
-Initial experiences with Acterys: leveraging templates for cash flow and financial planning.
-The significant reduction in data processing time from hours to minutes.
-Acterys’s cost-effectiveness and exceptional customer service as key decision factors.
-Achieving a deeper dive into data analytics than ever before with Acterys.

⏳ In this video:

00:00 Introduction to Lisa Tapp and the San Antonio Museum of Art’s financial planning challenges.
01:00 Discovery of Acterys as a perfect fit within the Microsoft Office Suite.
01:30 Initial steps with Acterys: adopting templates and integrating with existing accounting systems.
02:00 The dramatic improvement in efficiency and time savings with Acterys.
02:30 The cost-effective and customer-oriented solution provided by Acterys.
03:00 The impact of Acterys on SAMA’s financial data analysis capabilities.

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San Antonio Museum Of Art Hours

San Antonio Museum Of Art Hours, Acterys @ San Antonio Museum of Art.

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Acterys @ San Antonio Museum of Art, Explore most shared full length videos related to San Antonio Museum Of Art Hours.

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