8mm film footage of 1968 Hemisfair in San Antonio, Texas

Published on August 9, 2021

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This is some footage I digitized. This is 8mm film from the Hemisfair in 1968. I also added some 1968 music to give it a cool effect.

Hemisfair Park History

Hemisfair Park History, 8mm film footage of 1968 Hemisfair in San Antonio, Texas.

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8mm film footage of 1968 Hemisfair in San Antonio, Texas, Enjoy latest full length videos related to Hemisfair Park History.

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Hemisfair Park was developed to accommodate the 1968 World’s Fair. The 15 acre park has numerous amenities, consisting of Alamo Travel cascading waterfalls, children’s play premises and among San Antonio’s most popular horizon, the 750 foot Tower of the Americas. Visitors can dine at the revolving restaurant or take a breath taking view of San Antonio from the observation deck on top of the tower.

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mm film footage of  Hemisfair in San Antonio Texas
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