24 Hours of Sun: Best of Northern Norway in Summer

Published on January 29, 2024

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Seeing the Midnight Sun in Northern Norway is a trip for the bucket list. Follow Alice as she takes you to explore the Northern most fishing villages, lighthouses and cities in Northern Norway on her hunt to experience the 24 hours of light the Arctic circle has in summer. Join her to catch King Crab, and learn about the seafood industry in Honningsvåg, the North Cape, Slettnes and Kjolefjord on this adventure in the north. ✈

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Getting There: 
From The US and Canada Norwegian Airlines offers 50 nonstop routes to London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Dublin, and Athens. Flying from 17 gateways in the U.S. and one in Canada, offering a high-quality inflight experience at unbeatable fares. As well as being named the Most Fuel-Efficient on Transatlantic Routes for a second time by the ICCT (The International Council on Clean Transportation). http://bit.ly/FlyNor

Travel Resources & Tours
Northern Norway Tourism Board: https://nordnorge.com/en
North Cape Tourism Board: https://www.nordkapp.no/en/
King Crab Experience with 71 Degrees North: http://bit.ly/2GWgVQk
Davvi Siida- Sami Cultural Experience http://bit.ly/saminorthcape
Hotel Nordkyn: http://bit.ly/hotelnordkyn

Join the Reindeer Migration: 
Book your Sàmi Home Stay with VisitNatives http://bit.ly/samireindeer

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Edited and Produced by Alice Ford and AIW Productions on location in the Norway

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Is Hemisfair Park Open, 24 Hours of Sun: Best of Northern Norway in Summer.

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24 Hours of Sun: Best of Northern Norway in Summer
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